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This is the line describing the tune.
Input at least one note.
0 notes, 0ms


How does this work?

A GRUB_INIT_TUNE uses the following format:

tempo freq duration [freq duration freq duration...]


The base time for all note durations, as beats per minute. 60 means 1 second notes. 120 means 0.5s notes, etc.
The first part of a note. Indicates its frequency in hertz. 262 is a Middle C. 0 means silence.*
The second part of a note. Indicates its duration measured in bars. With a tempo of 60, 1 means a one second note, 2 means a two seconds note.

Why is my screen black while the tune is playing?

That's how GRUB is designed, so bear in mind while the tune is playing, booting will be paused. So, prefer short tunes.

Why it is so loud!?

Tunes will be played on the PC speaker at full volume. There's no way to control this. If your speaker is too loud, a short tune is recommended.

As a side note, the preview's volume in this page has been adjusted at approximately 10%.

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